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Professor of Economics, University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas (CRED)

Research fellow, Stockholm School of Economics (SITE)

Recent work

How Do Social Entrepreneurs Respond to Rewards? A Field Experiment on Motivations, with I. Ganguli and M. Huysentruyt. Management Science.(forthcoming).

Financial Contracts as Coordination Device, with S. Schwenen, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 29 (2), 2020.

Market transparency through a common data platform:  evidence from Nord Pool, with E. Lazarczyk, 2020.

Cartels’ birth and death dynamics, with T. Karlsson and C. Marvão, 2020.

Economic Scarcity and Consumers’ Credit Choice, with M. Bos and P. van Santen, Riksbank Research Paper Series, No. 153, 2018. New version. (submitted).

Recent policy work

Covid-19: News for Europe’s Energy Security, with E. Paltseva, FREE Policy brief, 2020.

Participation aux Matinées de la Science, “Les enjeux économiques et sociétaux des énergies renouvelables”, Dec.  2019

Smart Consumers in the Internet of Energy, CERRE report, Nov. 2019, with K. Anaya, M. Giulietti, and B. Willems.

“Energy security in transition region”, SITE Development Day The long shadow of transition – the state of democracy in Eastern Europe, Nov. 2019

Work in Progress

The survival rate of legal cartel members: The case of Sweden, with C. Marvão

Mentorship and Social Entrepreneurs. A Field Experiment, with I. Ganguli and M.  Huysentruyt

Overconfidence and financial risks: the case of the social entrepreneurs, with C. Alaama

Coordination and Inequality: an experimental test, with M. Bigoni and M. Blazquez

Ex-ante Collusion and Ex-Post Merger, with C. Marvão