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Professor of Economics, University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas (CRED)

Research fellow at Stockholm School of Economics ( SITE )

Selected Works

Financial Contracts as Coordination Device: on the use of swaps in electricity markets, with S. Schwenen, 2019, Revision requested by the Journal of Economics & Management Strategy.

How Do Social Entrepreneurs Respond to Rewards? A Field Experiment on Motivations, with I. Ganguli and M. Huysentruyt, 2018. Revision requested by Management Science.

Economic Scarcity and Consumers’ Credit Choice, with M. Bos and P. van Santen, Riksbank Research Paper Series, No. 153, 2016. New version. Submitted.
New Insights on Social Entrepreneurship and Hybridity from the SEFORΪS Project, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings 2018(1):16515

Pricing and Capacity Provision in Electricity Markets: An Experimental Study with H. Orzen and Schwenen S., Journal of Regulatory Economics, 51(2), 123-158, 2017.

Collaboration and economic performance: The case of social entrepreneurs in Sweden, with C. Alamaa and C. M. Lernborg, in SIR Book Sustainable Development and Business, Chapter 5, M. Kallifatides and L. Lerpold (eds.), 2016.

On the Effects of Group Identity in Strategic Environments, with J. Tremewan and A. K. Wagner, European Economic Review, 76, 239-252, 2015.

Trust, Leniency and Deterrence, with M. Bigoni, S.-O. Fridolfsson, and G. Spagnolo, The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 31(4), 663–689, 2015.


Best Paper Award at the 14th Annual Conference on Social Entrepreneurship in Boston, Nov. 2017 for the paper ‘How Do Social Entrepreneurs Respond to Rewards? A Field Experiment on Motivations’ (Ganguli, Huysentruyt and Le Coq)

Regional impacts of the Russian energy sector, in Perspectives on the Russian economy under Putin, T. Becker and S. Oxenstierna (eds.), London, Routledge (with Paltseva E. and Volchkova N.), forthcoming

Le Coq’s research has been featured in Dagens Industri, article Grönt ljus för Gazprom 2017-04-11

Work in Progress

The survival rate of legal cartel members: The case of Sweden, with Catarina Marvão

The competitive effect of EU transparency reforms: Evidence from Nord Pool, with Ewa Lazarczyk

Mentorship and Social Entrepreneurs. A Field Experiment, with Ina Ganguli and Marieke Huysentruyt

Overconfidence and financial risks: the case of the social entrepreneurs, with Christine Alaama

Coordination and Inequality: an experimental test, with Maria Bigoni and Mario Blazquez

Ex-ante Collusion and Ex-Post Merger, with Catarina Marvão