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Power coming from Russia and Baltic Sea Region’s energy security, Energiforsk report, with E. Lazarczyk, April 2023

Recent talks: DIW Berlin ATOM Day (June, 2023), SITE-SSE Ekonomisk Debatt (May, 2023), Riga SSE-Seminar(April, 2023), Colloque Justice&Climat (March, 2023)

Research program signed between Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Univ. of Paris-Pantheon-Assas, and Univ. Montpellier for the project  Data-driven innovation and limited adoption: the case of Health Care (Dec. 2022)

Funding from Panthéon-Assas Foundation for the project  A specialized language for a responsible business model? A comparative discourse analysis of B-Corp corporations, with F. Domennec (Paris Sorbonne Université)

Recommendations for a Future-Proof electricity market design,  CERRE report, with N-H von der Fehr, C. Banet, M. Pollitt, and B. Willems, (Dec. 2022)

Recent work

Cartels’ Birth and Death Dynamics: empirical evidence, with T. Karlsson and C. Marvão, International Journal of Industrial Organization,  2023, online

Beyond Hawks and Doves: can inequality ease coordination?, with M. Bigoni and M. Blazquez, 2023, CEPR 17867 (R&R)

How (not) to manage nuclear safety, with M. Amore and S. Schwenen

Market Transparency through a Common Data Platform:  evidence from Nord Pool, with E. Lazarczyk. 

Designing Renewable Energy Auctions: emerging trends in Europe, with O. Rebenaque and F. Roques.


Recent policy work

Power coming from Russia and Baltic Sea region’s energy security, with E. Lawzarczyk, Energiforsk report, 2023.

The weaponization of electricity: The case of electricity trade between Russia and European Union, with E. Lawzarczyk, IAEE Energy Forum, 2022.

Hedging EU’s Winter Risk by Curbing Gas Demand: Solidarity, Nudge, and Market Solutions, FREE Policy Brief, 2022.